Fresh Tunes Tuesday

Music supports us through the rough times, and allows up to dance through the great times.

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Phases and Stages.

Writing is extremely difficult right now.  I’m fighting for that positive perspective I want throughout times of struggle. The authenticity of writing and journaling is to truly share struggles, and force myself to find a new perspective. Hopefully, a more positive one then when I started. 

But I don’t care. And that is the attitude I’m constantly fighting. 

Words are so difficult right now, because they aren’t fitting into what I’m trying to say.  So, when there are no words, there is music.  This is just a phase, and I have to battle through it.  I’ve done it before, and it made me stronger.  I’ll do it again, and I’ll have this always evolving playlist to help me throug.  For the good days, bad days, and ‘I’m a badass’ days, my life playlist helps me through it.  Try out some of my favorites, in this Sample Size playlist.

Do not forsake wisdom, and she will protect you; love her, and she will watch over you. -Proverbs 4:6