I haven’t been able to write much, or believe in what I’m writing. When I read back through some of the posts I’ve created, it’s disappointing to read how defeated I’ve become. It’s even more disappointing to realize I am not as much of a fighter as I always believed I was. As it turns out, my insecurities are bigger then my bravery and fighting spirit. While it could be argued he didn’t fight for me either, sometimes there has to be one strong person capable of fighting while the other can’t fight.
During a time where I was learning how to trust someone I love, they decided to walk away. Walk away from possibilities and a connection that felt treasured. Love isn’t easy for me. I don’t feel free to express how and what I feel until I can trust the person I feel them for. Telling someone you love them is placing yourself completely vulnerable to their reaction. No matter how much someone loves and cares about you, it’s still possible to mishandle a special moment. Sometimes… I need reassurance that no matter how much or little someone cares or loves me, they are able to express how they feel without being hurtful.

Love is a big word. Such a small word filled with big meaning.

I have to be honest with myself to know I did/do love him. But no matter how much you love someone, hearing “Even if I wanted a relationship, it wouldn’t be with you,” courage and determination flee. Even understanding those words were coming from utter disappointment, defeat and fear he had from a previous relationship gone extremely bad, how can I fight my own insecurities and his fears? Never in my life have I ever felt so confused and lost, and it’s taken me over a year to completely process what happened. And still, I don’t believe it sometimes.

This space to write, I started after I had first met him. It was started because I wanted a place to share my struggles and determination to stay positive and strong, and have others relate and feel less alone. However, now I can’t stop myself from writing for him, more then for myself. I will not write in the hopes of possibly changing someone’s mind.

I want to write for me. Creative. Free.

It’s time to free space. This tea party is on an undetermined hiatus.

Life is good.


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