Past, Present and Patience.

What is real? Can anyone tell the difference?

“If just seeing your name and that smile that captivated me from the minute I saw it so many years ago is all I’ll ever have again, I’ll will thank God in every prayer… I’ve waited years to talk to you. I’ll wait years again.”

Yesterday was Good Friday and tomorrow is Easter, two days in which we should all be utterly thankful for. I constantly make mistakes, and continually beat myself up for them. I constantly look back at situations no longer beneficial for my future, even though I desperately want them to be. No matter where I am, I am never alone. No matter how many times I’m not able to dispense grace or forgiveness, I am the only person beating myself up. Ultimately, I am forgiven, as we all are.

Tomorrow is a day to be thankful to Him. It’s a day where the actions shared so long ago, are still meaningful and everlasting. We are all human, and we will make mistakes.

Patience, for we are all loved.


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