Breaks and Anchors.

“I felt comfort in the fact that from this point on I never have to be away from you again.”

No matter how the future changes quotes from the past, I strive to remember what joy they did bring. I use them as a reminder that I deserve these sentiments from someone who chooses to stay, who chooses me, and to stay hopeful. Hopeful that I can heal and be even better. Hope anchors all things.

Relationship can be broken. However, perseverance between two people who love who they are together, and they choose to mend and heal. Connections are hard to break, hearts are not delicate, and honesty can heal most breaks. Hurt through honesty is easy to work on and grow from. Hurt through lies and dishonesty, leaves very deep scars.

“The best kind of humans are the ones who stay.”
-R.M. Drake

Just remember, the simple act of staying is a commitment to fighting for someone.


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