Tea time and bath bombs

Last week was packed full of long days, constant change and doubt.

It is just 2 adults with a connection
One that brings a smile to my face and a warmness to my soul.

Vivid dreams and nightmares, they’re all the same thing and they always seem to follow a crazy hectic week. Luckily, the most magical antidote are bath bombs and tea. Instant stress reliever, and I’m able to have quiet moments to think. To think about something other then work, other then dreams. It’s a moment to work through being homesick, and make it something productive.

I’m not a believer in Valentine’s Day, but I am a believer in the people who constantly support me.  It’s a wonderful moment to appreciate the people I miss, and remember I am loved.  When I think of my support team, the people who have been there for me through some pretty tough times, I believe a day like Valentine’s day is the perfect excuse to remind them they matter.  In fact, they more then matter, but they’re appreciated and loved.  Bottom line, they’re essential.

So please, if you’re single and not ready to mingle or you’re single and frustrated by the lack of a man to spoil you, remember to see those who are supporting you.  Let this be a day of true love, which isn’t limited to a romantic relationship but relationships in general.  Love in all forms.

Make Valentine’s Day a day of seeing love, rather then seeing the lack of it.


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