Tea Party

“Yes, yes but you would have to be half-mad to dream me up.”

-Lewis Carroll via The Mad Hatter

Life is an ongoing tea party. As the host, we make it what we want it to be. We are in charge of who stays, who goes, and who we allow to have reserved seating. We control the madness, sadness, and joy of the party. We decide who we dress up for, who we will wait for, and who we let wait for us.  
There is always that one place, that one seat, we keep reserved for someone we know will never return to our party. The constant hope, wish, and prayers have us leave a place open that will eventually collect dust and cobwebs.  After awhile we accept that place will always be empty, and we learn how live with the sorrow and not allow it to dampen the festivities.  

There are the people that don’t need a reserve sign, because there will always be a place for them.  We will share stories, laughter and tears, and they will be more then happy to slip in a little (or a lot) whiskey in our tea cups when the days are dark.   Hell, if the table is full, they will bring their own cup and share your chair. 

There will be people who will pass through, for a reason, a season, or a lesson.  All of these people, permanent or temporary, we will love.  We love what they bring to the party, whether they leave behind joy or sadness, there will always be tea to drink.  

Whether a party of one or a full table, we decide how to enjoy it. 


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