In the past, I’ve always known who I am. My struggle has usually been how I will ever fit in, since I always feel different.  Never did I struggle with my life, or what I want and need. 

Today. I looked in the mirror and I didn’t recognize myself.  It could be the new haircut or color, they are both drastic changes.  Both were needed, but nothing I haven’t done before. 

But the mirror, the woman looking back at me… She feels far away. I am familiar, and not. I don’t know where to start, to get back to me.  I am not unhappy, but neither am I happy. I feel like a foreigner.. Within myself. 

I am blessed. As I sit here with family, I know I love and am loved in return. Family is everything, and they will help me.  And they won’t even realize it.  Life will keep moving forward, and so will I.  

There are always dark times in our life, and all that matters is that I find the light.  I have to be stronger then my insecurities, then I will be stronger. 


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