Love me.

The majority of people seem so open to the idea of love, and what they want and expect from that word.  People always want someone to need them, to want them. 

Those two words do not belong in the same sentence, or in the same descriptive category.  Why in the world would we want to need someone, or desire them to need us?  

Need takes the choice out of love.  

We NEED to eat food or drink water, or else we will die.  But we should never NEED someone to be in our life, to have our happiness dependent on them.  

Love should be a choice, a desire, and a want.  

I want to share my happiness with an individual.  My desire to want an individual in my life, is the understanding that I am committed to working through to smooth and rough areas of life.  But never would I die without them. The thought that anyone would depend on me for their happiness is terrifying. And more so, it’s terrifying to believe I would feel this way.

True love should bring joy.  We can live without joy, but it makes life more fulfilled. 


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