Be love.

A huge problem is looking through gender colored glasses.

When you love someone, you love who they are, not what they are.  A person isn’t just a gender, they are a soul, a personality and they are themselves.  Being masculine or feminine is who you are, not your gender.

When people love, we love who that person and not what we were born as.  We need to appreciate two people loving each other, fighting through the hard times, and appreciating each other through the good times to make a complete and devoted relationship.

Too often I have lost relationships because my best friends were male, and I’m a female.  It’s so rare to feel completely connected with someone, without sexual overtones, to lose it because a significant other is jealous.  In fact, one of my most hated questions is:  “Doesn’t it bother his girlfriend that you two are friends?”  Having a mutual connection and bond isn’t based on gender, it’s based on who two people are.

Just appreciate people for who they are.  You don’t have to love me… Hell, you don’t even have to like me.  But there should always be an appreciation of every type of person.  Sometimes you should love someone for the simple reason they are everything you are not.


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