I don’t use sex for a good time, to find some fun, or as a method of revenge. People always wonder why there is such a high rate of divorce, why people are looking for something else, or why there is something “missing” in their relationships. 

 Let’s consider this for a moment: maybe if sex was used as an extension of feelings which are already there, people won’t mistake passion for love. Lets learn how to love, without requiring to have sex.

My whole life I have seen sex used as some form of weapon; whether it’s as revenge, for bartering, or as an excuse; it’s a weapon for people to ruin who they are. You can’t find yourself with sex and you can’t find relationship answers with sex. Sex isn’t an emotion, it’s an act and all it does is muddy emotions. If you want to try and fix your relationship, or find out if you even have one, try having a conversation.

I’m not a prude, and I’m not shy to talk about sex, but neither do I use sex as a weapon to 1) to get attention, 2) get what I want from men, and 3) for entertainment. I feel confident enough in who I am, and how I carry myself not to use sex. If men aren’t interested in me because I won’t instantly have sex with them, it’s their loss.

Men and women shouldn’t expect sex in a relationship, it should be something special that is given to their partner.


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