Handle with Care

It always shocks me how inconsiderate people can be about how they treat other peoples feelings. This isn’t limited to intimate love relationships, but any relationship. When you are friends, lovers, or family, love and trust are involved and both feelings are fragile.

I’ve always looked at love and trust as glass or porcelain, and no matter how uncomfortable it maybe for me, I will not take advantage of someone’s feelings for me. I never want someone to feel undervalued or unimportant. Even if it makes me uncomfortable, and causes momentary hurt, I want to be honest with what I’m feeling. I never want to make anyone feel shattered. It hurts, and it’s hard to pull together the pieces.

I have been told some of the most beautiful sentiments, and yet actions have made me believe everything was a game. I’ve believed people would always be there for me, but when opinions became bigger then their support net, I was left to pick myself up.

Relationships can be bigger then we are, if what we feel allows us to grow, whether it’s together or a part. Love is undefinable.


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