I cannot understand the great concern so many people place on beauty.  Or better yet, what mainstream media and society are defining beauty as.

Everyday I struggle with how people see me, and it never really crosses my mind what they see, but rather who they see.  It’s so awkward and uncomfortable to given attention about my physical appearance, when I had nothing to do with it.  My appearance  is something I was blessed with from my parents and by God.  I’m not some show stopping exotic beauty, but I have had enough people call me beautiful and pretty to know I’m appealing.  But what is staggering is how people obsess over a physical beauty that isn’t even permanent, once we die so does that exterior beauty.

What does matter?  A beautiful soul.

I want people to look at me and see a beautiful person, because my soul is shining brighter then my physical appearance. I can never understand the constant focus to be physically “perfect”, yet there is no care about how you treat people on a daily basis or what your values are.

When I die my soul will live on, while my body will not.

I want to be remembered as being a beautiful person, not someone who was pretty.


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