Just a Moment.

I love photos.  Memories captured physically. I love photography nature, God’s creations, seeing beauty in places most people walk past everyday.  A simple moment made beautiful.

I see photos in my brain, I see little moments and exactly how I want to catch them through my lens.  But I don’t.  I haven’t been able to grab my camera in awhile… probably too long.  

There are moments when the sun hits the landscape, a perfectly blooming rose… just small things… and I see them exactly how I want to capture them. But my camera just stays right where it is, in my case.  

I have lost so much of my confidence, and it seems my joy in my favorite hobby has gone missing as well. I want to grab my camera, but I realize I’m the person who has to ultimately make the moment turn out how I see it through my lens.  I’m not sure I can.  

This is just a phase… just a moment… that will pass.


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