No harm…


No matter what… Love is a huge risk.

My heart has been so badly bruised, it felt broken. But recently, the only love I allowed was my hockey team.

Not only did the San Jose Sharks go out in the first round… They went out in EXPLOSIVE fashion. As in… They exploded all over the place by self inflicted choking.

Teams want fan loyalty, and they want commitment. Yet, where’s the loyalty and commitment to the fans? If the team doesn’t really care about hoisting the Stanley Cup… Their fans sure do.

If I could line up every Sharks player and punch them in the face… I would. Maybe it would remind them that they play all season the get into the playoffs… To WIN the playoffs. Not become an embarrassment.

And to add insult to injury… I was looking forward to the roast that Puck Daddy does during the playoffs. And that was TERRIBLE too! Just an all around disappointment.


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