Ramble on…

There are so many things rolling around in my brain.
So many things that hurt,
and so many things that are numbing.
And I’m tired of being vulnerable.


I bought a new journal yesterday… and beautiful leather journal.
My excitement isn’t in this beautiful journal, but that I completed a previous journal.
Over a whole year of happiness, hurt, anger, hope, sadness, and life lessons.
It’s a beautiful thing.


So I’m excited about a new start, with a new journal.
I wish I could say it’s a new start in general.  But I’m not exactly sure I believe in that.
Life is about experiences, lessons, and memories.  They taint our future, and the person we grow to become.

So there’s nothing “new” when you start over.  You can make new resolves, but can you really “start over”?
All I want is a positive attitude.  What I put out into the universe, is hopefully what I’ll get in return.
This new journal will still hold stories of hurt and sadness, but the hope of something better is what makes me smile.

I look at this new beautiful leather journal, and I smile for hope.


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