Lets not judge.

There is one huge pet peeve I have.

I HATE when people who are in a relationship, whether that’s married or a partnership, label people who are single as selfish.  I don’t understand why, my choice to be myself is selfish.

I have never had the desire to start a family.  Oh yes… dear God… I am a female who doesn’t have a biological clock ticking down the time to when she a) gets married and b) has children.  I chose to be an asset to my community, and a positive role model to my nieces and nephews. But never did I realize by making that decision it would require me to be married.

I’m sorry if while you were single and carefree, you felt as though you abused some privilege, but I have not.

I am an individual who has chosen to be single.  My main concern is to constantly evolve into a person my family will be proud of, and to make sure I am a positive influence to my community.

The rest is just a joke.


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