There it is.

There is a difference in being cynical and being pessimistic.

My cynicism is based solely on reality, and there is really nothing negative or sad, it’s just life.  Nothing in life is easy, or simple, but it feels like most people believe it should be.  When it’s not, they walk away.

After awhile, a woman is forced to realize there is no such thing as a happy ending.  Do you really want an ending?

I’m not a cynical asshole, and neither am I some poopy pessimistic, but I have to face real life.  As a female, I have to see that men want things easy.  When they know they aren’t going to get immediate satisfaction, or even guaranteed satisfaction, it changes everything.  Just because I like you, have feelings for you, doesn’t mean your going to get laid.

There is no sincerity, when there is an expectation of sex.

I’m to a point where I believe nothing. I’ve been told everything I’ve ever wanted to hear from a man, and it all turns into a game, a joke, and ash.

*On the Brightside: The Sharks win tonight, and Anti Niemi makes a BEAUTIFUL save in the shootout BOOM.


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