Good Morning!

I’m the first person who can laugh at myself when I do something ridiculous, or something ridiculous happens to me.

Since moving back to California, I am working as a Barista at Starbucks.  I had a 6am shift, and we were having some issues with one of the rinsers.  Well, I decided to do something about it, so I turned the water lever down to turn the water off, and went to disconnect the hose from the faucet.  Wellll… unknown to me (because I was working at a different store) they have insanely high water pressure which causes the rinser to backup/freeze.  So, when I go to disconnect the hose… I got a face full of high pressure water… in my face. Well… turns out when I turned the lever down, I turned the water ON, and I ended up with a face and apron full of water.  Water went EVERYWHERE.

So my 6am wake up call, was a face full of cold water, all over my face and apron. It was definitely refreshing!

It was one of those moments where I just have to stop and laugh at myself, and make it something that works to make my day a good one.  It’s these moments that will have me smiling and laughing for multiple days.

Now I’m wondering if the store cameras caught it on tape… it could be worth watching…


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