Be thoughtful.

On a Friday evening, I was at a Starbucks and there was a family sitting next to me. A family of four, the parents and two teenage girls, and they barely communicated with each other. They all just sat their on their individual phones, and didn’t talk to each other. I couldn’t believe it.

It worries me. What kind of example are the parents when they’re sitting there, on their individual phones, not even talking to each other. This is why people have no idea how to communicate to each other on a personal level.

This is how friendships are ruined. When one friend calls to talk to another friend and leaves a message, but the friend doesn’t return the phone call, but sends a text message instead. What kind of friendship is that?

This is how it’s so easy for people to walk away. When one person is committed to the words of another, but the words prove to be false by the actions of the other. Why share those words, and their sentiments, if there is no truth behind them?

I was raised with discussions, arguments, and whispers. There is a thoughtfulness behind truly speaking to someone, and sharing what you have with them. Electronics and social media make it easy to lose our thoughtfulness, and rely on the quick and easy satisfaction of writing one sentence.


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