It’s a Journey

It’s been a long (almost) two years.  I was desperate for a career (not a job), and I took one 2000 miles away from everyone and everything I know.  I’ve survived driving in ice storms, whiteouts, and flash floods.  I may have struggled emotionally settling, but I did it.  And… my greatest accomplishments in this journey, is I will miss people when I leave.

I had to take a second job in order to meet people, and the establish some kind of relationships because of the amount of travel my career required.  I have a group of men and women who have become my friends and companions, when I leave I will be sad to leave them and they will be sad to see me go.  That is one of my majors successes.  I feel like it’s some kind of proof that I truly did try to at least establish some kind of life here, and I didn’t just wait until I go home. 

And no matter how much I will miss the people I’m leaving, it’s time to go home.  I miss my family, friends, and the ocean.  Salt in the air… sand in my toes… it’s 6 days away…

I can look back and see a triumph, rather then a failure, even though this career isn’t mine, the experience has given a major sense of pride.


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