When flowers are moved from their home soil

When flowers are moved from their home soil to a new home, they can either flourish or wilt.  People are the same way. 

I strive to thrive in life, I’m not banking on some guy to show up and save me, and take care of me.  Hell, I’m not even relying on a guy to do a 50/50 split, I just want to support myself and be happy.  Right out of college, I knew what I wanted to do, and knew the company I wanted to work for.  However, this company didn’t seem to realize they needed ME! 

So, 5 years later, and only 1 job opening in the state of California, and they were still trying to figure it out.  However, I was tired of waiting for them to realize the error of their ways, and I was tired of working for a company I felt stifled in.  I fixed the problem: I took a job in the company I wanted, 2000 miles away from home.  I’d never been to the part of the US, until they flew me in for an interview.  I’ve never (and still don’t) have a desire to live in this area, but I thought it would be good for my career, and my confidence.  After a year of struggles, and unexpected situations, I’m ready to come home. 

This flower does not thrive away from her home.  Not only am I not a hardy kind of flower, I started I had any form of internal perseverance or strength.  But you know… Fuck that.  I may not have been able to adjust to the Midwest way of thinking, but I’m fucking amazing.  I’m just more amazing when I’m on my home turf (pun intended). 

I’m coming home.  There’s some healing that needs to happen.  I’ve been hurt through some thoughtless caring, and I’ve hurt other through the inability to connect to their problems any longer.  If you won’t help yourself, I can help you.  For the man that hurt me, I hope you’re happy, because there’s no point in having two unhappy people when it can easily be worked through.  To the friends I’ve lost, I’m sorry I can’t understand why you won’t realize if you just man up and do something, you’ll be happier in the long run.  It’s been a hard year, and I won’t lie and say I’ve been happy and positive the whole time.  But I will say this, I’ve grown more in this year then I have since college. 

But this flower, is ready to do more then grow.  I’m ready to thrive. 


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