Be You

“I’d rather be hated for who I am, then loved for who I’m not”

Authentic. It’s what I want to be. I’m trying to work beyond my struggles, which is trying to get everyone to like me. Loving myself should be priority over everyone else liking me. But, the reality is: its not easy being hated… for any reason. I don’t want to dislike anyone for who they are, and I don’t want people disliking me. I feel like I’ve lost some of the things I loved most about myself, because so many people lovely criticized me. It’s so easy to say “the reality is, we can’t all get along”, however just because we can’t all get along doesn’t mean we are allowed to criticize others.

True authenticity should be the ability to understand not everyone can get along, so it’s essential to be you. We can’t all like, or even love each other, but we should be able to accept them for the person they choose to be.


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