No “if” about it…

What makes today any different than yesterday, and how will it impact tomorrow?

I always think to myself, “If only this one person would come back,” or “if only I could pay off my bills , or buy whatever I think I need,” yet what changes if those things happen? This keeps me stuck in the mindset that something needs to happen, in order for me to be happy, rather than me taking action.

Let me tell you, that asshole did come back into my life, and he left a lot more damage than before, and I allowed that to happen. The need to have him come back, in order to get closure, rather than just calling him an asshole and walking on (most likely in a really cute pair of shoes). Also, I have paid off all my bills and I’m in control of what debt I choose to have, like the $$ it’s taking to get my BEAUTIFUL tattoo completed. However, I had to accept a transfer with my company and move away from my support system, my family and friends. I received what I’d prayed for, and I’m (kind of) where I wanted to be, when I prayed for these things 3ish years ago. Yet, I can still catch myself thinking “If only…”, and it made me realize it’s just an ungrateful attitude. When I remember to be grateful for what I do have, rather than what I think will make me grateful, I’m able to enjoy what’s ahead of me. Yesterday only dictates tomorrow IF you allow it.

It’s a little reminder to flow like water. Flow through the obstacles ahead of you, and keep moving forward. Sitting near a stream or river, watching and listening to the water flow through immovable obstacle, let it be a reminder that obstacles can be beautiful and even peaceful. Find peace in knowing that obstacle will be behind you, and you’re strong enough to keep moving forward.